The Brazilian buttock augmentation, also known as BBL, has seen a rise in popularity. This is because of the incredible number of celebrities and influencers posting photos showcasing their perfect bodies on social media. To put it simply, their followers want to look as beautiful and attractive as their idols. However, there are many things to remember about this.

Seek a BBL Tampa expert to get advice on what cosmetic procedure would fit you.

two hands wearing green gloves holding a butt cheek with line marks for brazilian butt lift

What is BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a body contouring procedure done to achieve the “perfect butt.” The term “Golden Rule of 0.7” refers to this because of the perfect waist-to-hip ratio which women want to have. Those with a fair amount of body fat are great candidates for the procedure. However, there are other options for those who do not fit the requirements. This surgery benefits those who have deformities or those who wish to possess a more youthful look.

The 3 Types of Butt Lift

There are three main procedures and the first of which is liposculpture. Some refer to liposculpture as the “poster boy” of the BBL. This relies on the amount of fat, precisely 200 to 1,000 cc. Those who do not have the desired amount of fat should consider another method.

Gluteal implants are an option for those with low-fat deposits to supply liposculpture. Those who are too thin or have an athletic build are candidates for this option. This involves placing an implant to make the buttocks fuller and firmer.

A formal incisional buttock lifting is recommended for patients with massive weight loss. The doctor will make an incision from each hip, and the excess skin will be pulled up, which lifts up the buttocks. Any extra skin and fat will be removed.

Knowing these methods would be wise to consult your doctor whether a fat transfer or fat implant would be best for you. One should remember that plastic surgery is more for deformities, while cosmetic surgery is focused more on one’s look.

before and after photo of tummy tuck and butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Is Ideal For Whom?

This procedure is usually associated with women attempting to enhance their look. Moreover, a butt lift is also designed for men who wish to do the same. Anyone looking for the perfect buttocks is eligible for this procedure.

BBL Do’s and Don’ts

While this would yield good results, there are also important things to remember after getting a Brazilian buttock augmentation:


  • Research the best clinic available to have the procedure done in your area. BBL Tampa is a good example as this is one of the best clinics to go to in the Florida area.
  • Keep a stable body weight after the procedure. Gaining or losing a significant amount would cosmetically affect the outcome.
  • Wear a compression garment that would not be too tight or too loose to aid the recovery of one’s buttocks.


  • Do not enter a clinic without doing any research.
  • Refrain from lying or sitting on one’s back. This hinders the recovery process.
  • Avoid any additional pressure on the buttocks area as these would also affect the look of the buttocks.

There is much more to learn about butt sculpting, but it is essential to rely on experts. Take this route, especially if you are on an expert’s subject of interest, like plastic surgery in Tampa. Be sure to contact a board-certified surgeon for your BBL today!

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