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Sculpt Your Body with Brazilian Buttock Augmentation

One of the leading cosmetic procedure in the country is the Brazilian Butt Lift Tampa or BBL. Round and firm buttocks are a focal point of the woman’s body. With a brazilian butt lift you can have just that. The procedure enhances the curves of the body by giving the buttock area some much-needed lift.

Forget about the overdone and unnatural look of butt silicone implants when you can opt for this procedure. It uses a fat grafting technique to harvest your own excess fat from other areas of the body. In that way, you can have less fat where you don’t want it and transfer it to your rear. A disproportionate body won’t be a problem because the result will only lead to firmer and perkier bottoms. Not only that, you’ll be able to reduce fat from problem areas like the belly or love handles.

That’s what a brazilian butt lift can do for you with the method of fat transfer to buttocks!

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Fat Transfer Butt Augmentation versus Synthetic Butt Implants


A common misconception that surrounds the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is that it’s “plastic surgery”. However, plastic surgery uses synthetic materials in augmentation procedures and BBL does not.

BBL actually uses natural fat cells straight from your own body to augment the buttocks and give a rounder, firmer and evener appearance. It looks and feels natural because there are no synthetic materials involved. It is also less invasive than silicone or saline implants and comes with far fewer risks.

With the development of the fat transfer technique for lifting the buttocks, you aren’t limited to butt implants anymore. Here are the other advantages that fat transfer buttock augmentation has to offer: 

  • Brazilian Butt lift is faster and more effective. 
  • You can expect a shorter and less painful recovery time. 
  • Fat collecting process contours and gives the body a better overall shape. 


What can you expect from Brazilian Butt Lift Tampa or BBL surgery?

buttock lift

 One of the most notable to expect and even look forward to is that a BBL is a two-in-one procedure. While it enhances the fullness of the buttocks, it also sculpts the parts of the body where the fat cells are sourced.

Fat is harvested through minimally invasive liposuction techniques. The collected fat cells are then injected to the butt area to augment the size and shape of the rear. Surgeons and patients alike prefer this procedure because of the natural appearance it gives. Another reason its recommended is that fat grafting lets the posterior retain its sensitivity after the surgery unlike with artificial implants.

The amount of fat injected in the rear area varies depending on what looks proportional to the patient’s body. The patient’s desired size and shape is also the most considered factor. Personal preferences of the patients in Tampa FL are weighed and expectations are set when during the consultation stage.


Question:     How long is the recovery period?

Pain and swelling can last for about one to two weeks. During that time, the patient is discouraged from sitting and lying on their back. Full recovery can be expected after three to four weeks. By that time, Tampa FL patients are able to resume their everyday activities as the buttocks fully heal. 

Question:     Who is an eligible candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift BBL procedure?

Anyone with enough fat body percentage and a good state of health can acquire brazilian butt lift. Whether you want to add volume to your flat rear or restore perkiness, this surgery is for you. During the consultation, your assigned plastic surgeon will assess your overall health before giving the go signal for your operation. 

Question:     Are there any risks involved?

As with any surgery, risks are always involved. However, measures are taken to minimize these risks as much as possible. Our professional and licensed surgeons are experienced in performing successful brazilian butt lift operations to ensure your safety. At the same time, patients are expected to follow post-operation instructions carefully to avoid complications. 

Question:     How long does the brazilian butt lift last?

This will depend on how you take care of your body and if you maintain a stable body weight. Fluctuating weight can affect the results of your brazilian butt lift. Results can last for up to 20 years or more.

Question:     Does weight loss affect results?

When you lose weight, you lose fat around the areas of your body including the buttocks. This can affect the size and shape of your butt. It is important to maintain a stable weight for your lifted butt to retain its shape.

Question:     What does the procedure cost?

The cost of a BBL procedure depends on the patient’s heath and body assessment as well as their desired results. We are unable to give an estimate of the costs until we understand the patient and what they want. Come in for a consultation with one of our amazing doctors for an accurate quote.

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Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits that a Brazilian Butt Lift Tampa has to offer! Experience elevated confidence, a shapelier derriere, and a curvier body shape.

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