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Turn back the time with a facelift from Improved Body Tampa that is sure to leave you looking younger, more refreshed, and better!

Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Tampa can perform a natural-looking facelift that won’t look “pulled” and obvious. We offer in-person consultations so you can talk about the results you want with our team of experts. Call us today at (813) 518-8630 to book an appointment with us!

Do you need a facelift?

There are many reasons people may seek out a facelift procedure. But generally, the procedure is for women and men between the ages of 40 and 70 who want to take years off their face. Facelifts can also be performed on people younger than 40, but it is generally advised that they seek out non-surgical methods first.

Aging is a normal process that all people go through, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take things into our own hands to reverse the process.

You may want to consider a facelift surgery if your face has started showing signs of aging like sagging excess skin, jowls, and the loss of firmness in the face. Besides age, a facelift Tampa might be right for you if your sun has gone through a lot of sun exposure or if you have recently lost weight.

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The types of facelifts

One facelift does not fit all, and our  board certified plastic surgeon may recommend a different type of facelift depending on your problem areas.

1. Mini facelift

All facelifts start with an incision made behind the ear, but with a mini facelift surgery, that incision is smaller and only targets the facial muscles in the lower half of the face. It does not correct severe signs of aging, but instead gives a lifted more refreshed look to the face.

It is an ideal procedure for those only looking to make slight corrections to their aging or for younger patients with signs of pre-mature aging.

2. Full facelift

A full traditional facelift makes a larger incision behind the ear and thus allows our surgeons to target the muscles all over the face, especially the cheek area where there may be some dropping. The muscles on the face are tightened and the skin readjusted to give a natural smooth finish that will make you look 10 years younger.

3. Extended facelift For those with extreme signs of aging like severe sagging and jowling, an extended facelift can revive the entire face. By extending the incision into the hairline, your surgeon can target all the muscles and tighten them.

This is a great option for our older patients who want their younger face back.

When you come in for a consultation with our doctors at Improved Body Tampa, you can express your desires and expected results so that we are able to give you a recommendation based on our years of experience. Call us today at (813) 518-8630.

Facelift Tampa cost

The cost of a facelift in Tampa depends on a number of things: what kind of facelift is best for you, the desired results, the signs of aging on your face that need to be corrected, as well as the miscellaneous costs associated with the cosmetic surgery and your recovery time.

To receive a free quote on a facial rejuvenation, book a consultation with us today! Call Improved Body Tampa at (813) 518-8630.

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Look up to 10 years younger today with our skilled surgeons! (813) 518-8630

Get a better, younger, and fresher look with a facelift that can improve your appearance without looking unnatural! Your friends won’t even realize you had a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure; it’s that natural! Call us today at (813) 518-8630.

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