before and after photo of mommy makeover
before and after photo of mommy makeover procedures

After giving birth, new moms experience many physical alterations. Having the mummy tummy is one notable change. Losing the marks and the stretched skin is through a mommy makeover Tampa. This is a set of procedures that target recovering the pre-pregnancy body of women.

So what are the procedures, and how each one step moves to the next? This guide is for you if you need rejuvenation after pregnancy.

1- Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation after Breastfeeding

breast augmentation check upThe first physical change a woman went through during pregnancy is increased breast size. Breastfeeding the baby for months also increases the changes. The breast starts to sag. Having a sagging boob may cause most women feelings of insecurities and discomfort with her body.

Breast augmentation helps moms after childbirth restores the fuller volume of her breast. After the breastfeeding season, the mom can look for cosmetic surgery to help her revive her youthful appearance. 

Breast lift or mastopexy removes excess skin that makes the boob sag. A breast implant or mammoplasty helps add volume to the breast for a more appealing body shape.

2- Buttock augmentation

before and after photo of tummy tuck and butt liftFat transfer procedures like breast lift and butt lift are cosmetic surgeries that use fats taken from other body parts and implants it to areas that need enhancement.

Mommy makeover offers a butt lift either to help the woman gain beautiful body proportion. While excess skin or fat is removed from the sagging breast, they can be transferred to areas like the butt, thighs, or arms that need more volume.

3- Liposuction to lose the Mommy Fats

line marks on the tummy for surgeryThe first procedure is liposuction. This is one of the major surgery for a mommy makeover. It helps restore the young figure of women after childbirth. 

Fat stores up during pregnancy. A rearing mom may have less time for physical activities and regular exercise. She also feeds the young during childbearing, and some women find themselves eating more.

After the pregnancy period, the mom may find it challenging to lose excess weight. With non-invasive liposuction, women can now undergo fat removal using a safer technology.

4- Tummy Tuck to Cut the Mommy Tummy Away

lines on the tummy for operationTummy tuck focuses on removing excess skin or fat out of the belly area. After liposuction and some weight had been removed, the skin may be left danging around the tummy.

A tummy tuck helps restore the youthful shape and tightens the tummy skin for a toned body figure.

5- Perineum Rejuvenation

before and after image of perineum rejuvenationAfter childbirth, a woman may feel a loss of sexual pleasure or feeling of unattractiveness. Due to the labor process, the perineal area loses its tightness. For long time moms, giving birth more than once may make her feel that moisture and skin around her vaginal opening need replenishing.

The solution here is a perineoplasty, tightening loose skin and rejuvenating the moisture in the female’s perennial triangle. Other common terms for this are vaginal rejuvenation or pelvic floor surgery. This is the last step in restoring a mom’s youthful glow.

Those who undergo pelvic floor surgery needs two to three weeks of rest and recovery. They need time for the soreness and wounds to fully heal.

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With the help of natural cosmetic surgeries with a balanced diet and exercise, a mom can stay young and beautiful. Even after giving birth to her young one, she can continue celebrating the fabulous feminine within.

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