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5 Things to Consider Before Getting A Breast Augmentation

Choosing to get a breast augmentation Tampa – a “boob job” – is a big decision to make. Not only does it change your physical appearance, but it can also be a significant financial decision. That’s why we encourage full transparency between our surgeons and our clients; not only does it build trust between the two parties, but it can also help a patient make the decision that is best for them.

But if you’ve yet to book a consultation with one of our surgeons and want to know more about the procedure, these are the 5 things you absolutely need to know before you book a consultation:

1. Implants vs fat grafting

breast augmentation check up

There are two popular ways a breast augmentation procedure can proceed (we don’t recommend filler injections, as they are notoriously unsafe). One way is through breast implants, which can be made of saline, silicone, or other alternative materials. Implants are a good option for people looking to add immediate volume to their breasts, but they can often have an unnatural or “done” look to them.

On the other hand, the fat grafting process harvests fat from other parts of a patient’s body and injects it strategically around the breast to add volume and lift. The fat transfer technique is popular because of the natural look and feel it gives breasts as well as for the fact that it reduces fat in other areas.

2. You will probably need a repeat procedure down the line

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The results of a breast augmentation don’t last forever, whether you choose implants or fat transfer. Implants will eventually need to be replaced or may burst while still in your body and the fat that is harvested and put into your breasts may not all survive.

It is important to consider this during your decision because it means that the procedure (and the cost) will not just be a one-time thing if you want to maintain your post-op appearance. Of course, there are ways to prolong the results of your surgery but that doesn’t erase the fact that most breast augmentation results are somewhat temporary.

3. Your body type will determine your new bust size

different women body types and color

Be wary of surgeons who let you freely choose what size you want your new breasts to be. This can often point to a surgeon who is not taking the proper precautions to make sure the results are comfortable and natural-looking for you.

Taking your build into consideration when choosing your new size is important because someone with small breasts will also have skin that will need to stretch to adjust to the new breasts. It can be dangerous for you to stretch that skin beyond what is comfortable for it. Breasts that are too big for your frame can also affect your back and your posture. For your first procedure, consider only going up a couple of sizes.

4. Your surgeon should be licensed and board-certified

blonde woman having consultation with a surgeon

This is something that you should never compromise on. When it comes to breast augmentation procedures, these are still surgeries that should only be handled by experienced and licensed professional cosmetic surgeons. 

Don’t put your boob job and health in the hands of an unlicensed “doctor”. At Improved Body Tampa, we ensure we give you the safest and best care and results possible with our skilled board-certified doctors.

5. Not everyone is a candidate for a boob job

woman consults with doctor for breast augmentation

Cosmetic surgeons always err on the side of caution. That’s why there are rigorous screening processes before someone is approved for a breast augmentation procedure. Obesity, fluctuating weight, smoking, and a history of heart diseases in your family are all things that can disqualify you from receiving the procedure. This ensures that the surgery is as risk-free and safe as possible.



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