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5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery Tampa procedure, we don’t blame you! Perfectly round and curvy butts have become part of our modern definition of a perfect body. But part of getting that perfect butt is making sure you’re being responsible about making the decision. And that means knowing exactly what you’re getting into before booking that appointment.

Getting a BBL is a big decision to make and it’s important for both you and your surgeon to know exactly what to expect from the results and to know what you want.

So before you call our trusty surgeons at Improved Body Tampa, these are the things you absolutely need to know:

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1. It should only be done by professionals

There are many people who claim they can give you a full BBL at a very low cost. These are the same people who claim they can give you a painless procedure that only lasts for one session. But they are not licensed doctors who know how to carry out a BBL, which can be a complex surgery.

The only people you should be getting BBLs from are board-certified surgeons who have years of experience doing these procedures. Otherwise, you run the risk of bad results, complications from surgery, and infections. With board-certified surgeons who ensure you receive the best care possible, you can get the results you want safely.

2. There is a long recovery period

To get the best results possible from a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, you will want to follow the doctor’s post-surgery instructions down to a tee. And that includes the recovery period afterwards where you will not be able to sit on your butt, lay on your back, or do any vigorous exercise.

That means you should have already filed for leave from work, asked for some assistance from family and friends, and made sure you don’t have any big events coming up before booking an appointment.

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3. You need to be at your desired weight before a BBL

A Brazilian Butt Lift is different from other butt augmentation procedures like fillers and implants in that it does not use any foreign substance in giving your buttocks volume. Instead, your own fat is harvested from other areas of your body then injected into your butt at strategic points.

Because it is all natural, any weight you gain or lose after the surgery affects the results of the BBL. That’s why it is important to not only be at your desired weight before the surgery but to take proper care of maintaining that weight after to make sure the results last.

4. Results will always vary from person to person

If you’ve been using reference photos online to get an idea of what you might look like after a BBL, make sure you’re looking at someone with a similar build and structure to yours. This is because the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift will largely depend on what is already there. 

To get the best and most natural results, surgeons will always consider your natural body type and your proportions before suggesting a plan of action for your procedure.

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5. It does not last forever

Because of the technique involved in the BBL, the results are not permanent. However, that is not to say that they do not last long.

With proper care and a stable weight, the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift can last for years. However, if you want to keep the exact same shape and volume, you can consider touch-ups down the road.


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