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What happens after Liposuction? — Expectations, Preparation, and Aftercare

before and after photo of tummy tuck and butt liftWhen exercising and a proper diet are not enough to help you achieve your body goal, cosmetics procedures can be an alternative. One of the most common of such is liposuction or the removal of excess fatty areas in the body. 

Sounds good and simple, right? This procedure is not only straightforward, but with Improved Body Tampa, you can also experience minimal invasive lipo-procedures compared to its traditional techniques. 

But before you book your appointment or dive deeper into our different liposuction methods, it is also essential to clarify and know the following: 

Understanding the Procedure

liposuction procedureFirst, the common misconception about liposuction is that it causes weight loss; it only makes selected body areas appear slim and contoured. 

Second, this procedure cannot be done immediately. Frequency of weight loss and other vital signs are monitored before you can proceed, most especially for mothers who recently gave birth.  

Third, once the surgery is done, achieving the desired results takes time, and this depends on how many body areas received treatment. Patience towards your body and following your doctor’s aftercare instructions while recovering are important to get the most of this procedure. 


Before and After the Procedure

Now that you have understood what liposuction is, you need to prepare the following before and after your plastic surgery: 


  • Be accompanied before being admitted; patients after operations are encouraged to be assisted on their way home. 
  • Place within easy reaching distance common objects you will use daily, such as towels to wipe leaking body fluids that are normal during post-operation.
  • Take aspirin and drinking water to aid in the swelling and discomfort. 
  • While recovering, wear non-constricting clothes and compression garments around the treated areas for about four weeks or as stated specifically.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions about cleaning your stitches and/or incisors for minimal scarring.
  • Visit your plastic surgeon consistently to monitor your healing progress and vital signs. 
  • Lastly, take it easy and no heavy lifting yet. Save it for the exercise once you’ve healed and received the okay signal. 

After the Procedure

Your recovery period is over. What happens now? You will go back to where you have started even before your liposuction. This is exercise and proper diet.

Luckily, this time, those fatty areas are gone, and striving to achieve your ideal body type can now be continued.

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