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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty procedures, more popularly known as “tummy tucks”, have seen a surge in the number of people electing to have them done. While they were once incredibly expensive and hard to find, it is now generally a more widely-available service. But amongst all the information available online, what should you really know about getting tummy tucks before you decide to get the procedure? Your professional experts in tummy tuck Tampa break it down for you:

1. It is not a weight loss solution

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When people think of tummy tucks, they may be imagining a quick-fix surgery that simply removes all the excess weight in your stomach. But that could not be farther from the truth. In fact, tummy tucks are more appropriate for people who have already lost all that weight and are now looking to remove the excess skin that has been left behind. While you may drop a few pounds from the skin removal, surgeons generally recommend that you get the procedure after you’ve achieved your ideal weight.

2. It can be, and is often, performed alongside liposuction

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When you go in for a tummy tuck consultation, you may be surprised to hear your surgeon recommend liposuction to go along with it. This is because for many cases, removing the skin is not enough to achieve the desired end result. Liposuction can then be of help in shaping and trimming any excess weight from hips and waists to get the flawless body you want.

3. There will be scarring from the procedure

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But don’t worry, it’s pretty minimal. Most abdominoplasty procedures only necessitate one long scar from hip to hip that is usually under the bikini line. In some cases, you may get some scarring around your belly button or down your abdomen if excess skin also needs to be removed there. But if the aftercare instructions are followed to a tee, the scarring will eventually fade to almost nothing or go away entirely.

4. Not all people are qualified to carry out the procedure


In general, all people looking to get a tummy tuck should practice caution in choosing the right surgeon for the job. While many people and clinics can advertise themselves as skilled professionals, make sure to check their credentials as surgeons who are licensed to carry out such surgeries. Choosing the wrong surgeon could have catastrophic effects on your body and your health.

5. Tummy tuck costs can be significant


We’re sure you’ve already thought about this, but in case you have not, you should know that tummy tucks are not cheap. While they’re certainly more affordable than they used to be, a tummy tuck procedure is still a major surgery that costs money to be carried out properly. Beyond the actual surgery, you may also need to factor in the cost of taking leave from work as you recover as well as any painkillers you may need.

6. The recovery time for an abdominoplasty varies

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Depending on the kind of tummy tuck you get as well as the amount of excess skin removed, recovery times can vary. While one person will only need a mini tummy tuck and therefore only a few days to resume normal activities, another person may need more time if their surgery is more extensive. Make sure you speak to your surgeon before going under the knife about their estimated timeline for recovery to be able to arrange any help you may need while recovering.

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